creation of ICO
and counseling
for Blockchain projects

How to start up a company aimed on ICO business, to raise investment and not to ruin everything? We turn your ideas into gold!

Providing complete ICO
for your projects
in 3 months

Experts in Blockchain industry
and marketing who had already raised
investment more than 15,000,000$

In less than 10 minutes you can understand how we can help you to create your own ICO project, which is based on your ideas and our experience in blockchain technologies.



Having an idea, but you are lacking the experience of how to connect it with the in blockchain technologies? There is no need to worry!

We will train you on the courses.
• In one week you are going to practice real hard.
• We will show you 10 typical errors of creating an ICO project.
• We will see into a matter of 5 most successful ICO projects.
• You will understand the concepts of crypto-currencies, tokens, the basics of crypto-currency legislation.
• You will understand what kind of blockchain technologies you should apply for you ICO project.

1st lesson is free of charge!

free access

Do you want to use blockchain technologies in an existing business?

Personal coaching from the experts of the blockchain industry.
Do you have a business?
We will help apply blockchain technologies. You will receive instructions step by step and learn how to express your idea and to raise investment for your project.

2 hours of answers and consultations

Get acquainted
with the coach

Do you require some basic help in creating ICO project?

You are already acquainted with blockchain technologies, but you are lacking the experience of conducting initial coin offering (ico) - the primary location of tokens? No need to worry.
• We will create you a token
• We will create you a site with basic functionality
• We will help you with setting up advertising systems
• We will teach you how to raise investment

Create an ico project

Ready-made project in 3 months

• We will present the idea
• We will design and create a token
• We will create a smart contract
• We will increase the investment attractiveness
• We will develop the White Paper and Business Road Map for the project
• We will launch the advertising campaign
• We will help you with the conversion of collected funds

To wrap up ICO

How much does it cost to create an ICO project

How much do you want to raise

When you want to raise investments?


How to order ico project and raise
maximum from investors money?


We carry out a technical audit of your project

Technical part

You can see it from the creation of token and smart contract to the creation of a site prototype


Packaging and WhitePaper - ideas and benefits for raising investments

Investor's money

Advertising campaign and publications in the media to attract investors

  • The time of easy money for ICO is over. Investors are looking for confirmation that your project will bring income, and wont not burst like a bubble.

  • Competition is growing. From the beginning of the 2017 till the very fall, companies raised more than $ 1.5 billion via ICO.

  • In 2017 investors carefully analyze all projects, White Paper, Business Road Map, ICO ratings, financial justification for investments.
    They know which projects have already implemented.

  • We help to stand out against the backdrop of thousands of competitors. We will convince investors that your project will bring income. Without fuss, we will prepare you project for the ICO. We will help to avoid typical mistakes and ineffective expenditure of the budget.

Is available only for those who cares
about creation of the ICO project

  • We provide courses called «What is blockchain and how to conduct a successful ICO».
    We discuss typical errors.
    We analize 5 practical cases of creating and conducting ICO from A to Z.

  • Consultations from expert practitioners with experience in creating ICO for market leaders.



  • Finalize the idea using blockchain technology.
    We will help to avoid the most common mistakes.

  • Packing the idea of ICO.
    Let's show investors how promising your project is. We develop of an off-line, a logo, a corporate style, a marketing plan.



  • The investor's cabinet for the ICO and the referral remuneration program.

  • Construction of the token taking into account the legality of operations in selected regions for ICO.

  • Writing a smart contract based on Ethereum.

  • Conversion of funds. Tokens-bitcoins-fiatnye money.



  • We will help to write White Paper and marketing packaging ICO.
    This is a pile of benefits that convinces investors to invest in your project.
    + We provide step-by-step project implementation plan - Business Road Map.

  • The financial justification is what you will spend on investment.
    It is on these criteria that 85% of investors assess the seriousness of your intentions, the prospects of the project, the feasibility of investment.

  • We will place the token on broker's board – we will be able to negotiate with the broker's board for a lower price.



  • Creation of ICO site increases the image of the project and helps to attract participants.

  • Promotional video for ICO. In a clear language, we explain to whom and how useful your project is.

  • Translation into the languages of your target (for example, English, Chinese), taking into account the peculiarities of the ICO regions.



  • We do publications in specialized mass media. We warm up the interest of investors.

  • We can start a bounty campaign. Your tokens for the community for their help in effective promotion.

  • We provide advertising in social networks. We provide effective social networks for market, including groups and posts field.

  • Contextual advertising. Report for each penny. We will save you from the budget sink.

  • E-mail delivery. «Close» to the targeted action without spam.



Experience and practice

We are a well-rounded team of mathematicians and blockchain experts. Marketers and economists cover 100% of your needs for the creation of a successful ICO - from creating tokens to financial justification of investments and an effective advertising campaign.

Financial benefits

You pay only for those services that you really need. We don’t offer everything if you are already almost a pro.

We help all newcomers, we guide them not to lose their money and to make a big success in starting up a big project

Compliance with obligations

• 100% of projects are completed on time.

• We effectively spend money.
We are accountable for every penny. We help you to recoup your personal investments into the project as quickly as possible

We are using advanced technologies

smart contracts

Referral networks for attracting investments

Machine Learning and Neural Networks

The Solidity Programming Language

Blockchain platform Graphene

The team developed the concept of a monetization project for reputation. Created a website for the Russian-speaking and English-speaking market, developed White Paper and blockchain infrastructure.

Deadline - 3 months. We coped with it.

Bringing $1.5 million to ICO

«If we took the project we will make it brilliant»

Roman Moiseyev

Senior official

Has ensured the successful holding of ICO with investments of more than $1 million. He is majored in economy – he is competent in financial justification of the projects. He has experience of how to create the project from nothing and to make it a great success.

Bugaev Ilya

Director of Development

Specialist for the search and promotion of projects, as well as an expert in Digital Marketing.

Kirill Bedin

Block developer and system architect

He knows everything about the correct structure of projects and sites that collect millions on the ICO. He is engaged in designing solutions from the investor's office to the partner program.

Vladimir Mokeev

Technical Director

Doctor of Technical Sciences. Thinks over the technical implementation of your project, advises on the most difficult issues.

Alexander Shakirov


Evaluates the economic efficiency of project implementation. Plans promotion channels. Develops WhitePaper.

Julia Slozhenikina

Specialist in Public Relations

Heats the interest of thematic media for your project.

Andrey Mokeev

Chief Developer

Provides development of software products and the lack of vulnerabilities - investments of investors are reliably protected.

Dmitry Kulikov


Introduces ideas - writes code for a smart contract, tokens for a blockchain

And 14 more employees are working on launching your project and raising investments.

We are constantly developing our company

We have at least 2 gold and 2 bronze medals of Kaggle

BNP Paribas

Telstra Network Disruptions

Yelp Restaurant Photo Classification

Santander Customer Satisfaction

The project of the company is approved in Skolkovo


Helped market leaders to raise investment. So, that’s why we can provide help even to you.
It is estimated that 82% of companies inefficiently invest in ICO – sometimes they have little experience in puzzling out the engineering implementation, in choosing advertising channels, in writing trustworthy White Paper and in presenting the proper idea itself.
Our main goal is to help you to evaluate the feasibility of creating an ICO for your project, attract investment and develop it without cost overruns.
You will surely enter the 82%!

The experience monetization platform, developed in conjunction with the largest business community in Russia, «Business Youth».
ICO project collected $1,547,000

Connected the largest community of entrepreneurs of the CIS and

50% of the collected funds in ICO

ICO project collected 3200 ETH
(about $1,000,000 at the current exchange rate)

A win-win lottery based on smart contracts, it was presented on the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference on June 22, 2017

The prototype CPA solution, developed for the AK Bars bank, took

first place on the largest hacket of Russia

Manager Assistant

The recommended BI-system increased

the efficiency of the sales department of «Business Youth» by 20%


The prototype CPA solution, developed for the AK Bars bank, took

first place on the largest hacket of Russia


Auction for the sale of time. Completely

works on smart contracts


In 2017 projects receive the maximum investment thanks to proper packaging and convincing financial calculations.
With an investment of $ 20,000 to create an ICO, you can raise $ 700,000 - $ 4 million with our help.
And you will be sure that every penny of money works for your project.

Look at the world-famous examples of ICO that have collected millions for development.
Even the most strange or ordinary ideas have the right to success. They succeeded so do you.


The platform for creating blockchain-services.

Already collected more than $ 460 million
(the end of the ICO in 2018)

Back To Earth

Something similar to Pokemon Go. For tokens, players can buy additional keys and surf on strange or fictional social networking pages.
The author is a student at the University of New Mexico.

More than $ 1 million collected
for 48 hours


The forecast platform. You can know in advance the price for which you will sell a work of art, even before the auction.

$ 12.5 million collected
in just 10 minutes


Decentralized way of verifying the identity of Internet users. People will control their own identification data.

$ 33 million collected

Jesus Coin

It is alleged that the coin is 37% more effective than traditional prayer, and offers a faster time of transactions when communicating with God. The creators of the currency set a goal by 2050 to overtake the capitalization of the Catholic Church.

ICO has already collected 203.5 ETH
(about $ 61,000)


Project for the production of zirconia in Magnitogorsk.

We collected $ 7 million for ICO and are starting to build a factory



Send an application for an express expert consultation or call: +7 (495) 118 36 80


4 options for assistance on the outcome of the consultation
• Courses
• Set «Start» for ICO: creating a token, creating a site with basic functionality, setting up an advertising campaign
• Personal ICO Creation Package

Help in creating ICO

We conclude a contract, prescribing our responsibility.
We do our best to make.

STAGES OF ICO CREATIONWe pack your idea into the ICO and attract investments into the project

  • Idea description. What are the benefits for participants?

  • Determination of the financial and legal model of the project.
    Why should you invest

  • Description of the project. Nuances of how project will work.
    We translate from technical to clear language

  • Construction of a token. The currency of your project

  • We will create a WhitePaper. Transparency of information about the project significantly increases the trust

  • Creating a marketing campaign. Advertising to attract participants

  • Creation of a smart contract and personal cabinet

  • Holding a closed round of sales of tokens

  • Conducting Pre-ICO

  • Carrying out the basic ICO